Event Horizon Exhibition Piece

Posted by on Sep 18, 2013 in Events, News | 3 Comments


I’m very pleased to finally be able to announce my latest commissioned work. It’s for QUAD in Derby, as part of their Event Horizon Exhibition that runs from 27th September to 1st December.

The exhibition, which takes place in the extra gallery spaces in the building (the main gallery space is where that terrifying red-eyed chap in the picture will be), is about time travel, with a special focus on black holes, space time, and wormholes.

Gazing up toward the endless possibilities and expanse of the universe, Event Horizon explores concepts of time-travel and space-time, drawing inspiration from scientific theories and popular culture specifically relating to black holes and wormholes. Event Horizon is an exhibition of creative responses to a hypothetical question: “If the improbable were possible and you leapt into a black hole or a wormhole – the cosmos’ equivalents of trapdoors and hidden doorways that cut through the fabric of space-time – how do you envisage this experience?

I was commissioned by curator Michael Sargeant to write a 5-7 minute piece of music to be played in the building, accompanied by images by Jessica Bunyard, made in response to the music.

My piece is entitled ‘Accretions’, and is for piano, synth and cello. More on that, and a chance to look and listen, very soon.

Also exhibiting are Wayne Burrows, Christopher Boote, Joseph Carr & Caroline McNally, Sonia D’Argenzio, Nick Hersey, Tim Shore and Darren Thorne.

Some of us are doing a panel discussion in November, which should be nice as I can’t make the launch party due to touring with Crash of Rhinos. Proper looking forward to looking around the exhibition when I get back though. I do love a bit of time travel…