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I make music that is created & used in different ways.

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You can find my music on most digital stores. Physical editions are available from the online store.

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Commercial licenses are available for music from Releases or the Library. Free licenses are available for non-commercial/educational projects too. Just ask.

Soundtracks & Commissions Soundtracks & Commissions

Bespoke music written, performed & recorded for short films, exhibitions, digital publishing and live literature. Sometimes releases are soundtracks to films I wish existed.


Rambles about works in progress, ideas, inspirations, performances and that.

17 November

Recording Nature & Unlocking Archive Sounds

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This month I’m collecting sounds from the natural world. It’s for a new commission to write the soundtrack for the new Nature Gallery at Derby Museum. The project kicked off with the digital transfer and restoration of an amazing artefact – a 65 year-old shellac recording of a Nightingale singing in Ticknall, Derbyshire: When the […]

31 August

33 1/3 – Swordfishtrombones

Another book I finished this week: David Smay’s instalment of the 33 1/3 series, about Tom Waits’ work of genius swordfishtrombones. The 33 1/3 books are a mixed bag, but what they nearly always have are a bundle of related music that you may or may not have heard. I’ve loved swordfishtrombones since picking it […]

28 August

The Music of Murakami

I’ve just finished reading Murakami’s new book Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage. I really enjoyed it (more on that in a minute), particularly the musical references. Murakami’s got a few traits that always come up in his novels. Cooking, sex, music. His musical references are important, the details aren’t just the writer […]


Nice things that people have said about the tunes I come out with

  • Simon Pursehouse, Sentric Music Publishing

    “(Night Sun) is, basically, really rather lovely. And just the right amount of creepy!”

    - Simon Pursehouse, Sentric Music Publishing
  • James Sharpe, Director

    “Music maestro & purveyor of dense ear worms”

    - James Sharpe, Director
  • Michael Sargeant, Curator at QUAD

    “Richard Birkin produces beautiful, moving and memorable music. An inspirational and genial artist. Highly recommended.”

    - Michael Sargeant, Curator at QUAD
  • Norman Records

    “Ahhhh close my eyes and I’m transported from this dingy office into green pastures…”

    - Norman Records